Electric Transmission Lines In Concord Vandalized

Vermont Electric Power Company says that someone shot at its transmission lines in Concord, damaging 105 out of 426 insulators. A VELCO spokesman calls the act "dangerous," and predicts it will lead to higher electric rates throughout New England.

VELCO Debate Moves To Ownership Study

An effort to gain public ownership of the statewide transmission grid has stalled in the face of strong opposition from the governor and utility lobbyists. Lawmakers are now debating whether to study the idea.

Small Utilities Push For A Seat On VELCO Board

Small electric utilities in Vermont are worried that their concerns will be overwhelmed if the state’s two largest power companies merge and gain control over the transmission network. Their attention is focused on VELCO, the company that manages the statewide electric grid.

State Seeks Public Role On VELCO Board

The Shumlin Administration wants the public to have more of a role in managing Vermont’s statewide electric grid. The suggestion for more public oversight comes as regulators review the planned sale of Vermont’s largest electric company.

VELCO Plays Down Concerns About Control Of Transmission Grid

Control of the statewide transmission grid has emerged as a major issue as regulators review a proposed merger between the state’s two largest utilities. Critics say the merged company under Canadian ownership is more likely to use Vermont as a corridor to import electricity from Quebec. But the transmission company is playing down those concerns.