House candidates disagree over bailout bill

Speaking last night during VPRs Congressional debate, Democratic incumbent Peter Welch defended his vote in favor of the legislation. But Welch says the bill is only the first step in a long term effort to rebuild the economy:

U.S. House candidate Jane Newton

In this program:  Liberty Union candidate for U.S. House, Jane Newton, talks about her views on nuclear power, the Iraq war, and the bailout bill.  Then, analysis from VPR reporter John Dillon, and a look back at voices in the news this week.

Interview: Democratic House challenger Craig Hill

Incumbent Congressman Peter Welch so far doesn’t have to worry about a Republican challenger in the November general election, but he does face an opponent this Tuesday in the Democratic primary. Craig Hill of Montpelier is running against Welch for the Democratic nomination, and says there are stark differences between them.