Paying for College

Don Vickers, director of the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, and Karen Gross, president of Southern Vermont College, talk with us about what families need to consider in their plan to pay that tution bill. Also, what are the implications when part of the Champion Lands change hands – again. And Vermonters wax poetic about … potholes.

Welch tries to keep education costs down

Congressman Peter Welch is looking for ways to help drive down the escalating cost of getting a college education. One of his ideas would have required colleges to spend more of their endowments. And it got a swift reaction. VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports.  

Affording College in Vermont

A college freshman at UVM can expect to pay $10,422 in tuition this year. That’s up 7% from a year ago, and it’s 68% higher than the national average. A new study by the College Board cites Vermont’s four-year public colleges as having the highest tuition rates in the country. We look at why the numbers are so high, and what’s being done to try to reverse the trend.