Brattleboro Examines Pedestrian Deaths

Accidents involving pedestrians have spiked statewide over the past several months. Brattleboro has seen the worst of it, and now local officials are trying to identify the causes – and the solutions.

Transportation Fund Receipts Fall Below Expectations

The Shumlin administration announced Monday morning that state collections of taxes and fees during March exceeded expectations. But the figures released by the administration showed that the transportation fund receipts were off.

Shelburne Endorses Project For Route 7 Visitor Center

Officials in Shelburne have endorsed a project by Norwich University architectural students to design a visitor center for the Route 7 corridor. The project will highlight the value of Lake Champlain and lake-front properties.

State Plans To Close Bridges To Cut Repair Costs

Among the teachable moments from Tropical Storm Irene is a new approach to bridge repairs designed to save time and money. The state has plans to apply those lessons to bridge projects this summer and it’s offering incentives for towns to do the same.