New England moose under attack from ticks

Biologists say New England’s moose population is under siege from tiny ticks that have become so numerous in recent years that biologists are concerned about the long-term effect on the animals.

Officials say tick numbers may be on the rise

If you take a walk in the Vermont woods this spring, there’s a pretty good chance that you could take some ticks home with you. State officials say the population of the tiny creatures has soared this year. But, as VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, the ticks that carry Lyme disease have not been a big problem so far.

Midday Newscast June 5, 2008

State officials say Vermont’s woods and other areas are full of ticks this spring; authorities have arrested 20 people accused of dealing cocaine, heroin, and other drugs in New York’s North Country;

VPR Evening News September 24th 2007

Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie is under consideration for the top post at the Federal Aviation Administration; Former Vermont lawmaker John “Jack” Burgess has died at the age of 87; State officials say Vermont is entering the peak season for deer ticks; and commentator Ted Levin on how plastic bags affect the environment.