Mental Health Parity

The Vermont House has passed legislation to strengthen the state’s mental health parity law. We talk with Rep. Mike Fisher who supports the measure. Also, we talk to Justice of the Peace Zeke Church about the job of marrying couples, and our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns takes us to Reading, population 707.

Voices from the week’s news – February 22, 2008

School funding, the state budget and the Democratic primary were only some of the top issues this week. We also followed stories about cleaning up Lake Champlain, a new energy contract with Hydro-Quebec, high gas prices, and the unsettling missing person case of Middlebury student. We listen back to some of the voices in the news this week.

Voices in the week’s news – February 15, 2008

An energy bill, budget tensions and the marijuana debate were only a few of the stories this week. The Senate paved the way for more women to get mammograms, the corporate structure of Entergy Nuclear was scrutinized and winter storms had road crews scrambling for salt and looking for places to put the plowed snow. We listen back to some of the voices in this week’s news.

Building community, one nametag at a time

The Nametag Project is an effort to break down social barriers and build up community by getting people to introduce themselves. Founder Joseph Procelli recently brought the idea to The Sharon Academy – we hear the students’ impressions of the idea.

Voices in the week’s news – Feb. 1, 2008

The state lottery and the new border crossing rules were only a few of the stories in the news this week. The marijuana debate continued, a 10 percent cut in local transportation funds was proposed, a four-year term for governor was debated, and we learned about a fungus that’s threatening bats. We listen back to some of the voice in the news this week.

Ken Burns: No Ordinary Lives

Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns’ "The War"explores the most intimate human dimensions of World War II. This worldwide catastrophetouched the lives of every family in America. In this presentation, Burns talks about the film and demonstrates that in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives. Presented in collaboration with the Vermont Humanities Council’s "First Wednesdays" Lecture Series.  

Lobbying the Legislature

We go "behind the scenes" and examine the role that lobbyists play in shaping the legislative agenda, and informing lawmakers about the issues. Then we talk with a veteran speechwriter about crafting a State of the State Address. And we check in with the new legislative pages.