True Stories Told Live

In this episode of The Moth Radio Hour, a severely stuttering child years later becomes the world’s premier jaguar expert, and more true stories told live.

True Stories Told Live

The Moth features true stories told live without notes. This week on The Moth Radio Hour, a batboy for the New York Yankees goes on a wild goose chase for a left-handed bat-stretcher, an Irish-Catholic family obsessed with the Kennedys dedicates a summer to spying on their idols, a comedian experiences the ultimate heartbreak, and a drill sergeant faints at the sight of blood.

True Stories Told Live

In this week’s episode of The Moth Radio Hour, after many years in the legendary Blue Man Group, a performer makes a profound connection with an audience member.

The Moth Season Finale

This Saturday is the Moth season finale and our final installment of stories told live without scripts. This week, hear stories of tragedy, intrigue, and a tattoo that reveals compassion among prison inmates. 

Saturday: The Moth

In this episode of the Moth, we listen to stories of identity. This week’s featured story-tellers include Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns and Sex in the City producer Cindy Chupak.