Vermont House Faces Cell Phone Dilemma

The Vermont House and the Senate agree on a ban on texting, but they disagree on a provision in the House bill that bans hand held cell phones. If the House decides to keep that ban, Senate leaders say the legislation will likely die for the session.

Senate Passes Texting Ban

It could soon be illegal in Vermont to text while driving a car. That’s because the Vermont Senate has given its unanimous approval to legislation that bans the activity.

Citizens Urge Ban On Texting While Driving

Supporters of a bill that would ban texting while driving urged members of the Senate Transportation committee to quickly adopt the legislation this year. And they want the committee to include tough penalties as part of the law.

Senate Holds Hearing On Texting Ban

The Senate Transportation Committee is holding a hearing today on bills that would ban texting while driving, and members of the public will have their say. One of them will be Norman James, who’s with the Vermont Department of Labor’s "Project Road Safe."