Rutland business group offers free downtown rent

In a bid to draw retailers, a Rutland business group says it will pay a year’s worth of rent for a new store that opens downtown. The Downtown Rutland Partnership says it will make a choice based on the best business plan that’s submitted.

Interview: Tasha Wallis on holiday shopping

Tasha Wallis is the Executive Director of the Vermont Retail Association. She says store owners around Vermont are a resilient group of men and women who don’t cower easily, and they’ve taken steps to make shopping enticing for Vermonters even in these tough economic times.

Vermont’s Rough Roads

We talk about our state’s deepest ruts and potholes with Transportation Secretary Neale Lunderville and with the director of the National University Transportation Center at UVM. Also, we hear from the Vermont Retail Association about whether or not Vermonters are opening their pocketbooks in today’s economy. And commentator Peter Gilbert reflects on the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death.