Lawmakers, Advocates Introduce Stun Gun Bill

A group of Vermont lawmakers and the heads of disability and civil rights groups are pushing legislation that would create new rules governing police use of electronic stun guns.

Taser Death Shines Spotlight On Police Stun Gun Use

The June death of Thetford resident Macadam Mason has focused new attention on electronic weapons used by state police. Mason died after being shot by a state police stun gun. The incident has prompted calls for more oversight of the state police and changes to their use-of-force policy.

Records Show Stun Gun Use Against People In Mental Crises

Ten times in the past 18 months, state police fired electronic stun guns at people threatening suicide or at others experiencing a mental health crisis. That’s according to police records and video recordings obtained by Vermont Public Radio under the state’s open records law.

Taser Hit Killed Thetford Man

The longtime companion of a Thetford man who died after a shot from a state police stun gun says she’s not surprised by the autopsy that shows the electric charge killed him. State police late Friday said the cause of Macadam Mason’s death was cardiac arrest due to an electrical weapon discharge.

Taser Incident Reignites Debate

The precise cause of Macadam Mason’s death is yet unknown, but when he was stunned by a Vermont State Police trooper with a Taser it again stirred debate about the use of these weapons by Vermont law enforcement.

Fair Haven police chief OKs officers’ Taser use in call

After an internal review, Fair Haven Police Chief William Humphries says he is satisfied with officers’ decision to use a Taser to subdue a man who was charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer during a medical call.

Midday Newscast: April 7, 2008

Attorney General Bill Sorrell has completed a study about law enforcement’s use of Tasers and other non-deadly force; researchers say children need the vitamins and minerals in milk, and they’re more likely to drink it if it’s flavored with chocolate; more…