Bartlett Says She Can Win With Less Money

Later this week, the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates will reveal how much money they’ve raised in the past year and they’ll detail their expenditures. Senator Susan Bartlett says there’s no doubt that she’ll be in last place among the Democratic candidates, but she insists that she’s on track to win the race for Governor.

Bartlett Supports Re-structuring State Government

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Bartlett says it’s critical to restructure all of state government along the lines of the recently passed Challenges for Change bill. Bartlett says developing an outcomes based approach to the state budget is one way to improve government services without raising new taxes.

Gubernatorial Candidate Susan Bartlett

We talk with Lamoille State Senator Susan Bartlett.  She’s one of four democratic candidates who have declared they’ll run for the state’s top office.  Also, VPR’s Ross Sneyd on developintg stories in the region, and a look back at the voices in this week’s news.

Douglas likely to run for re-election

Governor Jim Douglas is likely to run for re-election. The governor says he’s not ready to make a formal announcement. But in an appearance on VPR’s Vermont Edition, he indicated he would be campaigning for a fifth term.