Sugarmakers Predict Good Season

Maple syrup production last year was up 22 percent nationwide. And Vermont led the country producing 920,000 gallons of syrup. That’s a 30 percent jump from the previous year.

Maple Sugaring History and Traditions

Technology has changed the way Vermonters make maple syrup, especially in the last 50 years. We look back to the historic roots of sugaring and remember a few old traditions. Also, one Vermont coach gets ready for the Paralympics, which begin this weekend in Vancouver.

New taps may increase maple sap production

The University of Vermont and two private companies have developed a new device that they say might boost maple sap production as much as 90 percent. The small plastic spouts will allow sugarmakers to tap their trees earlier and keep the sap flowing longer into the season.

Report says northeast temperatures rising

A White House report on climate change says two of Vermont’s iconic industries are in trouble: winter sports and maple sugaring. As winters get warmer, the New England forest will change. And if greenhouse gas emissions stay high, the study warns that the prime area for maple production will shift north into Canada.