Legislature adjourns, special session likely

It’s likely that lawmakers will be back in Montpelier for a special session in several weeks. That’s because Governor Douglas is expected to veto the state budget for next year.  If he takes that action, it will mark the first time in Vermont history that a governor has vetoed the state’s annual spending plan.

Lawmakers weigh privatization of rest areas

Four of Vermont’s 19 interstate rest areas have been closed as a result of budget cuts, but there’s some interest in reopening them if they can pay for themselves.  One idea is to allow private businesses to operate the rest areas. 

Public transportation demand to outpaces funding

High gas prices have persuaded more Vermonters to leave their cars at home and take the bus to work. Advocates say that helps the environment and saves wear-and-tear on the highways. But they say the demand has begun to outstrip the state’s ability to pay for public transit.

Meeting the Public Transit Challenge

The growing demand for public transit comes in a time of stiff competition for transportation dollars, and meeting that demand proves difficult. Also, an environmental institute brings together future Arab and Jewish leaders to tackle the Middle East’s environmental problems while promoting peace.