Stories From The Lake: Appreciation

After tourism and recreation became firmly established in the region, a new appreciation grew for Lake Champlain’s beauty and natural resources. Today, we explore how people are honoring the lake’s heritage and preserving it for future generations.

Stories from the Lake: Commerce

Today, our series "Stories From the Lake" looks at how the growth of transportation at the turn of the 20th century connected the people of Vermont, New York and Canada.

Stories from the Lake: Conflict

Our series "Stories from the Lake" continues. As that the French and British begin to establish a presence near Lake Champlain, and form alliances with Native Americans, we examine the period of conflict that follows.

Stories from the Lake: The Arrival

As the region gets ready to observe the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s arrival here, VPR is reflecting on how the French explorer has shaped our shared history and culture.

Stories from the Lake: The Ocean

We can’t begin to understand Samuel de Champlain’s historic exploration of the lake that bears his name without a realization that thousands of years before his arrival the lake was a very different place…an ocean.