State of the Re:Union: Comic Books

In a series first, State of the Re:Union explores a vast community that’s based around a medium, rather than a geographic location: Comic books! They serve as the connection point for a diverse community of people,

State of the Re:Union: Southeastern Washington

The Tri-Cities of Washington are Richland, Pasco and Kennewick—three cities clustered near one another in the vast plains and deserts of Washington state, to the east of the Cascade Mountains. In this episode, we’ll explore the secret history of the area, the surprising mix of residents, what’s drawn them here and why.

State of the Re:Union: Oakland

Refugees, entrepreneurs, visionaries – these are the historic roots of Oakland, California. The city has long been home for people building new lives and imagining even better ones but dreams deferred also haunt this place.

State of the Re:Union: Las Vegas

These days, two versions of Las Vegas occupy the public imagination. One is of Sin City, the City of Lights, home to The Strip, to glitter and entertainment. The other is as a dramatic victim of the recent economic recession.