Political firestorm erupts over state budget

A political firestorm over the state budget erupted today at the Statehouse. Democratic leaders and Republican Governor Jim Douglas are locked in a struggle that threatens to derail a bipartisan effort to resolve big budget issues.

List of $40 million in budget cuts presented to lawmakers

The impact of Vermont’s revenue shortfall became very real this afternoon. That’s when a list of nearly $40 million in budget cuts was presented to key lawmakers and the Douglas Administration. The group needs to select $25 million in reductions from the list in the next few days.

House Minority leader returns to Statehouse

(Host) House Minority leader Steve Adams made an emotional return to the Statehouse on Tuesday, a month after having heart surgery. Adams told his House colleagues that his recuperation is going well and that he expects to be back in Montpelier on a full time basis after Town Meeting Day. But Adams said his return was difficult because of the death of his seat mate, Lyndonville Representative Cola Hudson, late last month: (Adams) "My return is obviously bittersweet I’ve sat in this chair here for seven years and have had the wisdom of seat # 113 guide me in many of the decisions that I’ve made and I as all of you do miss Cola." (Host) Dorset Rep. Patti Komline is the acting head of the House GOP caucus until Adams returns.

VPR Evening News October 19th, 2007

Outgoing Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper says the impact of drug use is the biggest challenge facing Vermont’s law enforcement community; The Vermont Institute of Natural Science dedicates its Quechee campus in honor of Senator Jim Jeffords and his late wife, Liz; Peace activists adorn the Statehouse with symbolic flags representing those killed in Iraq; and commentator Paul Richardson remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A Fall tour of the Statehouse

Last fall we joined a group of tourists at the Statehouse and went along on a tour led by Jim Murray, one of the volunteer guides. With visitors arriving by the busload for early glimpses of fall foliage, it seems appropriate to take that tour once again.