Will Douglas veto the budget?

Governor Jim Douglas says he won’t have to call lawmakers back to the Statehouse for a special session if Democratic leaders agree to some additional budget cuts in the coming weeks.

Budget standoff looms at Statehouse

Senate President Peter Shumlin says if the outline for a compromise isn’t reached by the weekend, lawmakers will forge ahead with a budget plan that Governor Jim Douglas will likely veto.

Opening Day of 2009-2010 Legislature

Report on the opening morning of the new legislative session from VPR’s Bob Kinzel. Legislative leaders Patti Komline and Mike Obuchowski discuss how both sides of the aisle will work together amid budget cuts and economic concern. And the story behind a prominent bust of Abraham Lincoln that stands in the Statehouse.

Statehouse Police chief Janawicz dies

David Janawicz, who modernized the Capitol Police during his 13 years heading security at the Statehouse, has died after battling lung cancer. He was 62.