Not So Fast There, Gardeners

Our region was saturated with sunshine and hot days recently, causing green shoots to burst up from the soil. But it’s only March, and gardeners are speculating whether snow will fall again before spring is over.

Already February, And Still Waiting For Winter

While the temperatures and overall snowfall totals aren’t record breaking, many local businesses and snow sport enthusiasts are struggling this winter. The fluctuating temperatures and lack of snow are affecting everything from winter sports and local businesses to birds and plants.

Spring Garden Advice

Garlic scapes are sprouting through the soil, bright yellow daffodils have popped open in the sunshine, and lilac buds are growing fuller. It’s time for Vermont Edition’s spring dose of advice from gardening wizard Charlie Nardozzi.

Garden Show!

Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association answers your questions about growing vegetables and flowers, fighting off pests and managing your garden. Submit questions before the program and listen live at noon on Friday.

Guard deployments call for sacrifices from employers, too

The biggest deployment of the Vermont National Guard since World War II will mean challenges for employers and the workplaces the soldiers leave behind. We discuss the rights, responsibilities and concerns on both sides. Plus, Candy Page on the coming of Spring and a post script to our program on community planning.

“Shovel Ready” Transportation Projects

How should Vermont spend its $131 million in federal transportation stimulus money.  We go over the initial list of 30 "shovel ready" projects with VTRANS Secretary David Dill.  Plus, we bring you the latest results from Town Meeting Day, and we read from some of your emails.