Utilities Install Smart Meters, Encounter Resistance

Vermont utilities are encountering some resistance as they roll out new wireless smart meters. Officials say about 5 percent of consumers have so far chosen not to have the devices installed. But officials expect that "opt out" rate to drop as the technology is deployed around the state.

Utilities See Growing Opposition To “Smart Meters”

Worries about health effects, privacy and cost are fueling growing opposition to wireless, digital "smart meters" that utilities around the country are installing on homes and businesses and touting as key energy conservation and grid reliability tools. That’s creating concern in the utility industry that if enough people opt out, it could hurt the functioning of the overall system.

Manchester Votes Down Smart Meters

Manchester voters have gone on record against wireless electric meters. The utilities say the wireless smart meters should improve customer service. But some residents have raised health and privacy concerns.

Smart Meter Critics Take Their Fight To Town Meeting

Smart meter technology allows customers to save electricity, and gives utilities the ability to respond quickly to power outages. But the wireless meters have also raised health and privacy concerns, and now voters in several southern Vermont towns will get a chance to weigh in at next month’s town meetings.