VT Law School: Smart Grid Adoption Is Improving

Vermont Law School is studying the roll-out of smart grid technology by Central Vermont Public Service and six other utilities around the country. The school says the adoption of the technology by the state’s largest electric utility is going well.

Smart Meter Critics Take Their Fight To Town Meeting

Smart meter technology allows customers to save electricity, and gives utilities the ability to respond quickly to power outages. But the wireless meters have also raised health and privacy concerns, and now voters in several southern Vermont towns will get a chance to weigh in at next month’s town meetings.

Health Chief Says Smart Meters Are Safe

Vermont’s top health officer is telling lawmakers not to be overly worried about a form of radiation emitted by the wireless smart meters some Vermont utilities want to install in customers’ homes and businesses.

Utility Agreement Will Expand Smart Grid, Broadband

Three Vermont utilities have finalized an agreement to install "smart grid" electric technology and to expand broadband computer service. Green Mountain Power, Central Vermont Public Service and Vermont Telephone will work together.