Midday Newscast: December 4, 2008

A new job training program will be launched this month to help 450 Vermonters improve their skills in everything from math to using computers; a shortage of physicians is an issue in provincial elections in Quebec next week; more…

Maple syrup in short supply

Two years ago a sugarmaker in Vermont might sell his syrup wholesale for about two dollars a pound. But demand for syrup has skyrocketed because it’s being used in so many more products, including breakfast cereal. As the popularity of maple rises … there is a shortage.

VT Edition interview: Shortage of shingles vaccine

On Monday, the Vermont Department of Health announced that it had run out of a free shingles vaccine it was distributing at its Burlington District Office. Jane Lindholm talks with Don Swartz, Medical Director for the Vermont Department of Health, about the vaccine and the illness it’s designed to prevent.

Creating More Housing at Affordable Prices

Affordably priced housing can be hard to come by in Vermont, with one estimate saying the median house price across the state is $206,000. We talk with two builders who have differing viewpoints on how to create more affordably priced housing. Also, reporter Bruce Edwards on an extensive study about the health and environemntal impact of Omya’s mining operations in Florence, Vermont.

Vermont’s Pharmacist Shortage

Vermont is home to more than 260 pharmacists, but that’s not enough to staff the state’s 145 different retail pharmacy outlets. The Rite Aid in Randolph has been closing sporadically during the past several months because of the shortage, and other pharmacies are also scaling back their hours. We look at the reasons behind the shortage, and how a new pharmacy school in Chittenden county may help alleviate the problem.

Vermont’s Empty Food Shelves

The Vermont Food Bank has 50% less stock than it did one year ago, and across the state local food pantries are struggling to fill their shelves. Demand for food typically goes up during the winter and holiday season, and that has food shelf workers worried. We talk with the head of the Vermont Food Bank, Doug O’Brien, about the reasons behind the shortage, and the impact of a decrease in federal funding.

Bennington County feels impact of doctor shortage

There’s a doctor shortage in the United States. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, one in three doctors is over age 55 and nearing retirement. So are millions of baby boomers. VPR examines the factors behind a doctor shortage at the Southwest Medical Center.

Physician Shortage In Vermont

A physician shortage is causing problems in many parts of the state. We examine what’s being done to entice more doctors to practice in rural Vermont. And we look at how this month’s Jewish and Islamic holidays are being observed in Vermont.

Midday Report: August 8, 2007

Critics of the Vermont property tax are saying the prebate system may make taxpayers’ incomes public knowledge; for the second year in a row, there’s a severe shortage of blood supplies in northern New England; the Vermont Public Service Board has rejected the Douglas administration’s request to study setting up an all-fuels” efficiency program; Vermont’s first biodiesel mixing terminal is open