VT Edition interview: Shortage of shingles vaccine

On Monday, the Vermont Department of Health announced that it had run out of a free shingles vaccine it was distributing at its Burlington District Office. Jane Lindholm talks with Don Swartz, Medical Director for the Vermont Department of Health, about the vaccine and the illness it’s designed to prevent.

Midday Newscast: July 28, 2008

Experts say it’s time for the state and federal governments to figure out new ways to pay for highways and other transportation systems; Vermont’s Health Department has run out of a vaccine to protect people against shingles; the University of Vermont and the Environmental Protection Agency want to figure out the financial value of the natural world.

Midday Newscast May 6, 2008

About a quarter of a million cell phone customers across New England and New York are without service today; the Health Department wants older Vermonters to get vaccinated against shingles; more…