Opening Day at the Legislature

Lawmakers, reporters, lobbyists, and eager constituents are all descending on Montpelier this morning to kick off a new Legislative session. Vermont Edition is there too! We’re broadcasting from the Statehouse with political leaders and the reporters who cover them as we look at the work that lies ahead.

Senate Votes Against Vermont Yankee

Voice your reaction to the Vermont Seante’s vote against a bill that could have allowed the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to renew its operating license for 20 more years. Also, the Air Guard explains why it wants to be home to a new fleet of F-35s, despite noise concerns.

State Budget and Tax Issues

As lawmakers debate how to balance this year’s budget, we take a closer look at the final budget and tax bills approved by the House.  Our guests are Representatives Janet Ancel and Pat McDonald.  Also, editorial editor Mark Mahoney won a Pulitzer for his columns in the Glens Falls Post-Star.  And, a high school taxidermy class.