Transforming Education

We talk with Vermont’s Commissioner of Education, Armando Vilaseca, about his ideas on how to transform our education system to prepare students for college and jobs in the 21st century.  Also, we talk with the Rutland Herald’s Bruce Edwards about housing affordability studies, and we bring you a game of ice golf.

School Funding: the History of Act 60

Twelve years ago next week, the Vermont Supreme Court handed down the Brigham decision, marking a major shift in the way that Vermont pays for public schools. This week Vermont Edition looks at the state’s education funding law, Act 60: a method of ensuring that school opportunities are equal across the state, regardless of a town’s wealth.

Midday Newscast May 20, 2008

State and local police across Vermont have launched a campaign to increase the number of people who wear seat belts; St. Johnsbury’s school board wants to hire a private investigator to make sure children in its schools actually live in town; more…