Vt. Towns To Vote On School Consolidation Plan

Voters in five Chittenden county towns will decide tomorrow on a plan to merge seven school districts, dissolve eight school boards and put nine schools under the authority of one new 15-member board.

Bringing Smart Grid To Vermont

In 2009, the Department of Energy awarded Vermont $69 million in stimulus funds for smart grid implementation. The goal is to have a statewide smart grid in place by 2013. The state and utilities are now working to make that happen.

Vergennes Overturns Unified Union

Voters in the city of Vergennes overturned a Town Meeting Day decision to form a unified union school district. The five towns of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union have tried three times to form a unified union, which would allow the union’s four schools to be governed by one school board instead of five under the current system.

Addison Northwest Backs Unified Union

For the second consecutive year, the five towns of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union have voted to form one unified school district. The vote passed along a similar margin in 2010, but opponents in the town of Addison were able to overturn the results in a re-vote.