Maine Votes On Whether To Permit Same-Sex Marriage

When Maine last voted on same-sex marriage in 2009, a debate over what school teachers would be forced to say to children about gay marriage dominated the discussion. This time around, the topic has remained largely on the sidelines.

Justice Department Drops Defense Of DOMA

A Justice Department lawyer has been forced by a federal appeals panel in New York to explain the government’s decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

Vermont Joins States In Challenging Anti-Gay Marriage Law

Vermont is joining with New York and Connecticut in filing a brief urging a federal court to strike down the law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell says the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, denies same-sex couples of a wide range of federal benefits.

Trial Underway In Custody Flight Case

Jury selection is set to begin in a Vermont federal court today for a Virginia man charged with helping a woman flee the United States with her daughter, rather than share custody of the girl with her former same-sex partner.