Lawsuit Alleges Corruption, Cover-Ups In Rutland City Police Force

The highest-ranking members of the Rutland City Police Department are the focus of a lawsuit alleging a longstanding culture of corruption, misconduct and cover-ups. The suit was filed by a former police officer and targets Police Chief Jim Baker and other officers as well as former state public safety commissioner Thomas Tremblay.   

Rutland Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty

For months Rutland has been following the case of a police officer in what was thought to be a case of child pornography. Sergeant David Schauwecker was in court today and he pleaded not guilty to two charges, but neither is directly related to pornography.

Rutland Police Officer Charged

Sergeant David Schauwecker is due in court Wednesday afternoon to face a charge of providing false information to law enforcement. He’ll also be charged with neglect of duty by a public officer.

Rutland Mayor Chris Louras

The City of Rutland is grappling with a crisis in its Police Department, stemming from a child pornography investigation focused on an officer. We talk with Mayor Chris Louras about how the police investigation is being handled, and other critical issues facing Rutland. And reporter Candace Page explains why the EPA is looking at Vermont’s Lake Champlain Cleanup goals.