Captain Phillips Will Head Back To Sea Next Year

Captain Richard Phillips of Underhill says he hasn’t been to sea since his dramatic rescue from Somali pirates in April, but he plans to return to his ship next year.  In the meantime he’s been busy with opportunities that arose as a result of his celebrity status.

Delegation spearheads resolution honoring Phillips

Vermont’s congressional delegation has spearheaded efforts in Washington to honor the Underhill man who was held by Somali pirates earlier this month. Congressman Peter Welch introduced a resolution in the House this morning to honor Richard Phillips. He’s the merchant ship captain who gave himself up to the pirates to protect his crew.

Gov. candidate Gaye Symington

Democrat Gaye Symington has a tough fight ahead in the campaign for governor. Voters are concerned about fuel prices and the  economy, and state leaders are worried about more budget cuts this Fall.  We’ll talk with her about how she plans to tackle these issues.

Interview: General Richard Cody on the Iraq War

Back in 2004, Army Vice-Chief of Staff general Richard Cody said the U.S. Army was out of balance. He spoke critically, and publicly, about what he felt were demands being placed on U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan that stretched and stressed soldiers and their families. He speaks with VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb.

Education Commissioner Richard Cate

Last week Vermont Education Commissioner Richard Cate said Vermont schools aren’t meeting the needs of half of its students. Richard Cate joins us on the program to talk about what he means when he says the education system needs to be revamped. Also, we explore the connection between St. Michael’s College and the Ilula Orphan program in Tanzania. And, on this Valentine’s Day, we go looking for love on Burlington’s Church Street.