Vt. Senate Passes Modified Renewable Energy Bill

The Senate has rejected legislation that would have given local towns more clout in the state review of energy projects that are proposed for their communities. Instead, lawmakers backed an effort that calls for a statewide study of the impact of the projects in the future.

Renewable Tax Credit Expiration Could Set Back Industry

Tax credits that are seen as vital for the renewable energy industry are set to expire at the end of the year. Vermont’s congressional delegation supports extending the credits. But the legislation is tied up in high-level budget and revenue negotiations now underway between Congress and the White House.

Maine Takes Step Toward Developing Tidal Energy Generators

On Thursday, Maine will take a major step forward as a leader in the field of tidal energy generation, when a 180-kilowatt turbine is lowered into the waters of a Bay, off Eastport. The turbine, built by the Ocean Renewable Power Company, will be the first in the nation to feed energy to the commercial electricity grid.