Governor Changes His Mind On Medicare Rebate Checks

The Douglas Administration has changed its mind about asking senior citizens to send their upcoming Medicare rebate checks to the state. The Governor now says getting the checks back would be an administrative nightmare, and so he’s decided to back down from the issue.

Dispute Develops Over Medicare Rebate Policy

There’s a dispute over rebate checks being sent to senior citizens to help offset the cost of prescription drugs. The Douglas Administration says the rebates should go to the state, but Senators Leahy and Sanders say seniors should keep the money.

Committee will meet to insure prebate/rebate privacy

he House Ways and Means committee will meet next month to consider plans for ensuring that details about a homeowner’s prebate or rebate under Act 68 remains as private information. One plan would have the state collect all revenues from the statewide property tax but it’s likely that other proposals will be considered as well.