Midday Newscast: October 23, 2008

Political analysts and Governor Jim Douglas’ challengers wonder how the economy will affect the gubernatorial race; University of Vermont officials are dealing with an outbreak of illness on campus that made at least 60 people sick; more…

Stalling economy becomes issue in gubernatorial race

The financial headlines are big news in the gubernatorial race as the challengers try to blame incumbent Governor Jim Douglas for the state’s hard times. But Douglas says he has the experience and the fiscal discipline to guide the state through the economic downturn.

Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina’s independent campaign for governor got a boost from a federal court ruling on campaign finance recently. We talk with about the three-way race for governor. Also, an audio postcard from Old Bennington.

Gov. Jim Douglas

Vermont Edition continues a series of one-on-one interviews with candidates for statewide office with incumbent Governor Jim Douglas. Also, news analaysis from VPR’s John Dillon and a snapshot of voices in the week’s news.

Interview: Steven Lawson on the presidential elections

Since no African-American candidate in U.S. history has ever been as close to winning the nation’s highest office as Barack Obama is today, it is perhaps not surprising that his campaign is facing some extraordinary challenges. Rutgers University Professor and Civil Rights author Steven Lawson will speak about those challenges tonight at Lyndon State College.

Midday Newscast: September 17, 2008

A new loan program helps VT homeowners improve their houses for this winter; different points of view on results of the first opinion poll in the governor’s race; Vermont Yankee is reduced to about half power after cooling tower problem; Senator Patrick Leahy questions FBI Director about Wall Street crisis;

Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina’s campaign for governor has been hit with questions about his party affiliation and financing – but he’s still campaigning hard and stating his position on a number of key issues. Also, how schoolkids are reducing their carbon footprints by walking and biking to school.