Condos Asks For Word Change In Supreme Court Ruling

Whenever it issues a decision, the Vermont Supreme Court encourages readers to catch and report mistakes before the ruling goes into the law books. Now Secretary of State Jim Condos, who isn’t even an attorney, has done just that.

House Passes Open Records Bill

The House has passed a bill that updates Vermont’s public records law. The bill makes it easier for people who are denied access to records to collect their attorneys’ fees if they sue for the documents and win in court. 

House To Take Up Public Records Bill

The bill, scheduled for debate on Tuesday, contains a key provision sought by open-records advocates. Current law says judges have the option of awarding attorneys’ fees to someone who is denied access to records, goes to court and wins.

Shumlin Tells Press Group He Favors Open Government

Governor Peter Shumlin says he may stop short of insisting on a change in state law that would require judges to award attorney’s fees to people requesting public records when government agencies turn them away and later are overruled by the courts.