Evening Newscast: March 6, 2008

School budgets fared very well on Town Meeting Day; voters rejected only 9 — the lowest number in many years; excitement over the presidential primary helped Vermont set a record for primary election turnout on Tuesday; more…

Reaction to Vermont Primary and School Budget Votes

Political analyst Eric Davis joins Jane Lindholm for a final analysis of Vermont’s outcome in yesterday’s Democratic contests. Also, the directors of the School Boards Association and the Superintendents Association assess how school budgets faired across the state. And we listen back to some of the sounds of Town Meeting Day.

Heated battle for Democratic nomination

Vermont voters went to the polls today in a presidential primary given new relevance by a heated battle for the Democratic nomination. For the first time in recent memory, the state’s primary held the same day as primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island was expected to play a role in the selection of the Democratic candidate.

VPR coverage of Town Meeting Day and the Vermont Primary

Join VPR and NPR for full coverage of the day’s political activities across Vermont and the country. At 7pm, tune in for VPR’s coverage of Town Meeting Day, hosted by VPR’s Steve Delaney. At 8:30pm, VPR joins NPR’s All Things Considered for updated primary coverage. At 10:00pm, NPR’s Robert Siegel and Melissa Block host NPR’s Primary Special recapping results in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Undecided Primary Voters

One week from now, Vermonters will go to the polls and choose which party and which candidate to vote for the presidential primary. But some Vermonters are still weighing which candidate will get their vote. We talk with political analyst Eric Davis and take your calls. Also, a controversy over when it’s appropriate to relocate an old cemetery, and we listen to the sounds of winter necessity for those who take the ice: getting your skates sharpened.

Superdelegates and the Vermont Primary

Vermont’s seven Democratic superdelegates will cast their votes at the national convention for the candidate of their choice, and not necessarily the candidate preferred by voters in the March 4 primary. We talk with two superdelegates about the role they play in deciding the Democratic candidate. Also, reporter Louis Porter analyzes some of the big stories in Montpelier and we listen back to some of the voices in the week’s news.