Douglas stresses importance of private prebate information

Governor Jim Douglas says it’s important for lawmakers to take steps to make certain that property tax prebate information is kept private. Douglas says one possibility would be to go back to the old system where homeowners received a check from the state. But some lawmakers have other ideas. VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports:

Committee will meet to insure prebate/rebate privacy

he House Ways and Means committee will meet next month to consider plans for ensuring that details about a homeowner’s prebate or rebate under Act 68 remains as private information. One plan would have the state collect all revenues from the statewide property tax but it’s likely that other proposals will be considered as well.

Midday Report: August 8, 2007

Critics of the Vermont property tax are saying the prebate system may make taxpayers’ incomes public knowledge; for the second year in a row, there’s a severe shortage of blood supplies in northern New England; the Vermont Public Service Board has rejected the Douglas administration’s request to study setting up an all-fuels” efficiency program; Vermont’s first biodiesel mixing terminal is open