Educating homeless kids

One office in the Department of Education is focused on a singular challenge for homeless families: keeping the kids in school. We learn about the effort to create a steady educational environment, and the increase in "situational poverty" that has more families relying on these services.

Vermont Edition asks, how much do you tip?

Experts from the Emily Post Institute stop by Vermont Edition on Tuesday to answer your questions on who to tip, how much, and whether it’s ok to cut back on tipping as we try to trim expenses. Ask your questions about tipping before the broadcast.

Holiday etiquette

Awkward holiday moments can be eased over with advice from the etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute.  Environmental reporter Candace Page updates us on Vermont’s endangered species list. And we visit with children’s author Tracey Campbell Pearson, whose Vermont-centered books are popular across the country.

Etiquette for young people

College students are testing the waters of independent living and recent grads are emerging into the work world – and those big life transitions offer countless ways for a young person to commit a social faux pas. Etiquette experts from the Emily Post Institute share how young people can master social graces to ease the transition into adulthood.