Interview: Dick Saudek on NSA phone record lawsuit

Here’s an update on a story about privacy and whether thousands of people around the country including Vermonters had their private phone records handed over to the National Security Agency as part of the Bush administration’s warrant-less surveillance program. Vermont and other states have sued to find out if private phone records were divulged by telecommunications companies like At&T and Verizon.

Midday Newscast: August 28, 2007

Two California dairy cooperatives have agreed to support a milk pricing plan developed by a grassroots farm group in Vermont; Central Vermont Public Service customers who lost their power after Saturday’s violent thunderstorms finally got their electricity restored at one o’clock this morning; Lawyers say the country’s national intelligence director has helped their efforts to find out whether private phone records were disclosed by telecommunications companies.

Midday Newscast: August 13, 2007

Senator Patrick Leahy says Karl Rove’s decision to step down at the end of this month doesn’t change Rove’s legal status with the Senate Judiciary committee; archaeologists delving into the history of the Lake Champlain shoreline are looking for some help from residents of Addison County; getting cell phone service in rural parts of New England may soon become more difficult and expensive; a hiking trail system in northern New Hampshire is gaining newfound popularity after warnings it might have to close.

FCC wants to freeze wireless funding program budget

Getting cell phone service in rural parts of New England may soon become more difficult and expensive. The Federal Communications Commission wants to freeze the budget for a program that provides funding for wireless communications in areas with low populations.