Welch Says Fiscal Talks Will Stretch Into Next Year

Congressman Peter Welch says he’s pessimistic that Congress and President Obama will be able to reach agreement on a deficit reduction package by the end of the year, but he doesn’t think "driving" over the so called "Fiscal Cliff" will hurt the economy as long as a solution is found in January.

Welch Presses For Online Sales Taxes

Congressman Peter Welch and four congressional colleagues are calling for passage of a law allowing states to levy sales taxes for online and catalog purchases.

Under Compromise, Internet Sellers May Soon Collect Sales Tax

It’s possible that Vermont consumers could be paying the state sales tax on Internet purchases in the not too distant future. That’s because Congressman Peter Welch is working to include this plan in a massive fiscal compromise bill that Congress is expected to consider in the coming weeks.

Welch Wants EPA To Suspend Mandate For Ethanol In Fuel

Congressman Peter Welch has joined a bipartisan group of House members to ask the Obama administration to temporarily suspend the mandate that ethanol be included in fuel. Welch says the ethanol program is driving up feed prices for farmers at a time that a major drought in the Midwest is slashing the nation’s supply of corn.