Mental Health Parity

The Vermont House has passed legislation to strengthen the state’s mental health parity law. We talk with Rep. Mike Fisher who supports the measure. Also, we talk to Justice of the Peace Zeke Church about the job of marrying couples, and our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns takes us to Reading, population 707.

Lawmakers look to strengthen mental health parity law

Vermont lawmakers are considering a bill that would tune up the state’s mental health parity law. That law is a decade-old measure designed to make sure health insurers cover illnesses of the mind to an equal degree as those of the body.

Threat to Vt mental health law averted

In Washington, the Senate has given its approval to a mental health parity law. There were strong concerns in Vermont that the initial draft of the bill would have watered down key parts of the state’s existing parity law, but the provisions were eliminated from the final version.