VPR Evening News November 26th, 2008

Bernie Sanders wants to know why Vermont gas prices are still higher than the rest of the country; Ski resorts look forward to the season; Demand rises for heating assistance; and commentator Mary Barosse-Schwartz on a localvore Thankgiving.

VPR Evening Newscast, July 7, 2008

VT delegation hop to double low heating assistance money; VSAC loans for college students are going down.  U.S. Border Patrol officer fired shots in a scuffle in the woods at the Derby Line; Aabama authorities file child pornography charges against Brooke Bennett’s former stepfather; commentator Philip Baruth on life, art and the Pixar film WALL-E.

Good thoughts about the heat

Record high temperatures in the Northeast this week have people turning on air conditioners, breaking out the bathing suits and looking for a cool place to escape the heat. But VPR’s Tim Johnson says that after this past winter, it can’t get hot enough.

Martha Tormey on her personal reality television show

Many prime time television shows are returning to the air this week with new episodes. And Burlington comic Martha Tormey is pretty happy about it. She explains how imagining a TV show about her life gets her through boring moments.

Potholes inspire poetry

the Herald of Randolph recently invited readers to submit poems about potholes.  This week’s Herald contains a selection of odes written to the bane of Vermont drivers.  Here are just a few:

Ode to a Pothole

All this week, VPR has been reporting on the state of Vermont’s roads after one of the worst winters. Today, commentator, storyteller and contractor Willem Lange is here with the lighter side.

The Man on the Porch

Commentator Cheryl Hanna is a professor at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, and a few weeks ago, she had an experience that has made her re-examine how Vermonters are reacting to the high-profile murder cases recently in the news.