Chelsea Clinton sweeps through Burlington

Chelsea Clinton swept through Burlington today to drum up enthusiasm for her mother’s presidential campaign. Clinton dropped in at downtown cafes and stores before taking questions from students at University of Vermont.

Chelsea Clinton to visit Vermont

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton will be in Vermont on Friday stumping for the presidential campaign of her mother, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Interview: NPR’s Ron Elving on Vermont and the Democratic presidential nomination

This Tuesday, March 4th, four states, including Vermont, are holding Presidential primaries or caucuses. On the Democratic side, the main focus by the media and the candidates has been on delegate-rich Texas and Ohio. Here to talk about the Democratic race is Ron Elving. Elving is the senior Washington editor for NPR News, where he directs coverage of national politics. He spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.

Vt’s primary may be influential, after all

For months, many political observers have doubted that Vermont’s presidential primary would have much influence on the nominating process. But as voters head to the polls in New Hampshire, a scenario is developing that could raise Vermont’s national profile.

Dean supports rotating regional presidential primaries

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says he’d like to see his party adopt a system of rotating regional presidential primaries beginning in 2012. Dean says the approach would give most states an opportunity to have a greater influence on the selection of presidential nominees.

Leahy says Mukasey nomination is in trouble

Senator Patrick Leahy says the nomination of judge Michael Mukasey as the country’s next Attorney General is in a lot of trouble. According to Leahy, Mukasey won’t say whether he believes an interrogation technique known as waterboarding is illegal.

Leahy wants answers from Mukasey

Senator Patrick Leahy says he’ll oppose the nomination of Attorney General designee Michael Mukasey if the nominee doesn’t disavow the torture policies developed by the Bush Administration. Leahy says the White House has deceived the American people and Congress about the existence of these policies.