What Happened to Health Care?

The House and Senate health committees had goals of extending the state’s health care programs to cover more Vermonters who are lacking health insurance, but those plans fell short. We check in with Sen. Doug Racine and Rep. Steve Maier. Also, we visit a program where young single mothers are learning how to make jewelry. And we continue our essay series, My Vermont.

Vermont’s Budget

Governor Jim Douglas says lawmakers used every penny in the cookie jar in crafting this year’s budget. We talk with Senate Appropriations Chair Susan Bartlett and Finance Commissioner Jim Reardon about what they forecast for next year’s budget. Also, an upcoming conference at Dartmouth looks to uncover the "Human Algorithm." And we continue our series of My Vermont essays.

Restructuring Vermont’s Prison System

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Sears and Corrections Commissioner Robert Hofmann are our guests as we examine the prison restructuring plan recently approved by the Legislature. Also, Bruce Edwards of the Rutland Herald talks about the ski season just past, and we continue our My Vermont series with an essay by listener Lali Cobb.

Legislative Priorities

When the Legislature convened in January, we talked with leaders from all three of Vermont’s major parties about their hopes and expectations for the 2008 session. Now, with the session at an end, we check back in to see how it all worked out. Also, Candace Page talks about citizen science, and we hear the first in our series My Vermont — essays by our listeners on life in the Green Mountain State.