ANR Shuts Down Moretown Landfill

The Agency of Natural Resources announced Thursday that it’s shutting down the Moretown Landfill. The decision to deny the operator’s application for continued operation comes after hundreds of odor complaints were filed in the last year and a half. ANR says Moretown Landfill tried to control odor problems but was unsuccessful in reducing the number of complaints.

Take Out the Papers and the Trash:

Officials at the Agency of Natural Resources have given the owners of the Moretown landfill an ultimatum: clean up the smell, or shut down. We’ll look at how the state deals with its solid waste, and what will happen to the Moretown landfill.

Moretown Landfill Tackles Odor Issues

The operators of the Moretown landfill have responded to a state ultimatum with a plan they say will address odor problems at the facility. The state has put the landfill on notice to resolve the odor issue quickly, or face a shutdown order.