Shumlin Joins Effort To Reclassify Marijuana

Governor Peter Shumlin says he’s joining an effort to encourage the federal government to reclassify marijuana as a drug that has medicinal benefits. Under the plan, doctors could write prescriptions for marijuana and local pharmacies would be allowed to fill these prescriptions.

Shumlin To Sign On To Medical Marijuana Effort

A spokeswoman for Gov. Peter Shumlin says the governor supports and will sign on to an effort allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana and for pharmacists to fill the prescriptions.

Senate Advances Marijuana Dispensary Bill

The state Senate has advanced a bill that allows patients to buy medical marijuana at local dispensaries rather than having to grow their own. The bill says the dispensaries would operate under the supervision of the state. Only people who have a doctor’s written permission could buy the pot.

Medical Dispensaries Bill Has Support

Two medical marijuana dispensaries would be created under a bill that is working its way through committee in the Vermont Senate. One would be located in southern Vermont and the other in the northern part of the state. Each outlet would be allowed to grow and dispense medical marijuana for up to 500 registered patients.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A bill making its way through the senate would create up to five "compassion centers"  to legally disburse medical marijuana.  Also, one senator wants to further regulate slaughterhouses, and we celebrate the Iranian New Year.