Tax Bill Debate

House Ways and Means vice chairwoman Janet Ancel and tax commissioner Tom Pelham look at income tax cuts, capital gains taxes and caps on deductions.

House committee proposes income tax for education

The House Ways and Means Committee is backing a bill that would dramatically change how Vermonters pay for education. The residential property tax for education would be eliminated and replaced with a new income tax surcharge. As VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports, the legislation faces some major hurdles.

Ways and Means Committee reviews privacy concerns

The House Ways and Means Committee is reviewing privacy concerns associated with the state’s new property tax rebate and prebate system. Some lawmakers on the panel think this issue is being blown out of proportion for political purposes.

Committee will meet to insure prebate/rebate privacy

he House Ways and Means committee will meet next month to consider plans for ensuring that details about a homeowner’s prebate or rebate under Act 68 remains as private information. One plan would have the state collect all revenues from the statewide property tax but it’s likely that other proposals will be considered as well.