Maple Producers To Weigh In On New Grade Names

We all know the highest grade of maple syrup is called "Vermont Fancy."  But that’s not what other states and Canadian provinces call their top quality syrup. That’s why, for the first time, a standardized set of grades is being proposed for producers everywhere.  

Remaking The Grade?

Sugarmakers and maple lovers are invited to attend one of three public meetings around Vermont to discuss proposed changes to the maple grading system.

Maple Syrup Production Down

After last year’s record season for maple syrup production in Vermont, it looks like this won’t be such a great year for the sugarhouses.

Report says northeast temperatures rising

A White House report on climate change says two of Vermont’s iconic industries are in trouble: winter sports and maple sugaring. As winters get warmer, the New England forest will change. And if greenhouse gas emissions stay high, the study warns that the prime area for maple production will shift north into Canada.