Critics say OMYA permit is illegal

A federal judge has ruled that chemicals leaking from Omya’s landfills in Pittsford could threaten human health. But the state is close to granting Omya a permit that would allow the company to keep operating the waste site for two more years.

Evidence thrown out in child porn case

A major child pornography case appears to be falling victim to faulty police work. Judge William Sessions of the U.S. District Court for Vermont has ruled that agents acted illegally when they seized evidence during their search of a Braintree home.

House set to debate “two-vote” school budget law

The Vermont House is set to have a heated debate about a controversial law that was passed last year. The law calls on towns that spend a lot on education to hold two votes on their school budgets. Democratic leaders who supported the law last spring, now say the plan is too confusing and should be replaced.