Former Governors present opposing views of 4-year term

(Host) Two former Vermont Democratic governors presented very different points of view (today / yesterday) on a proposed constitutional amendment to extend the governor’s term to four years. Howard Dean, who’s now chairman of the National Democratic Party, returned to Vermont to testify about his own reversal. Dean supported the idea when he was governor, but told the Senate Government Operations committee that he now opposes it. Democrat Madeleine Kunin lent her support to the plan. VPRs Bob Kinzel reports: (Kinzel) The public hearing room at the Statehouse was packed to hear the testimony of the former governors.  Vermont is one of just two states in the country that still has a two year term for governor – New Hampshire is the other.

The Office of Lieutenant Governor

For the second time, current Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie is looking at a job outside of state government. How important is the office of lieutenant governor? We talk with former Lieutenant Governor Madeleine Kunin about her experience, and talk with news analyst Chris Graff and State Archivist Gregory Sanford on how the job has changed over the years.