Breastfeeding and Insurance

You may think breastfeeding is automatic- not something mothers and babies have to learn how to do. In fact, a lot of new mothers struggle with breastfeeding.  The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover visits with lactation consultants.  We’ll learn about what exactly lactation consultants do.

Health insurance for small businesses

AARP Vermont is pushing to expand one of the state’s Catamount Health program to cover small businesses. Opponents say move would compromise the financial stability of Catamount. We’ll debate the issue, and we continue our series of interview on how Vermonters are reducing their environmental impact.

Expanding and Improving Health Care

The Legislature’s health care committees are continuing to work on improvements to state’s health care plans. We examine the goal of insuring 96 percent of Vermonters while working within the constraints of a tight budget. Also on the program, a second look at a controversy over an old cemetery in Hartland.

Study: Medicaid cost shift is driving up private insurance premiums

The Legislature is looking at the growing mismatch between how much it costs to provide health care to Medicaid patients, and what the state actually pays. The practice is known as a cost shift because private insurance picks up the difference. A new study says the cost-shift is growing, and it is driving up premiums for private insurance.

Midday Report: August 7, 2007

Senator Leahy works to update the Federal Freedom of Information Act; the intriguingly named Captive Insurance industry convenes in Burlington this week; a new federal grant is going to help preserve some paintings and historic flags in a pair of Vermont collections.