Interview: Burlington mayor Bob Kiss

Voters in several Vermont cities elected mayors yesterday, including Burlington. The city is unique because it uses Instant Run Off voting to elect their top office. Burlington’s Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss is headed for a second term after narrowly edging out Republican City Council President Kurt Wright.

Burlington mayoral race may test support for IRV

Voters choosing the mayor of Vermont’s largest city next week can be forgiven if they take a little extra time at the polling booth. Burlington’s mayor will be chosen by Instant Run-off voting, or IRV for short. But this time around some critics of IRV fear that no matter who the eventual winner is…the process that got him there will leave a bitter aftertaste.

VPR Evening News March 14th, 2008

The Vermont House gives final approval to IRV voting for the state’s congressional elections; The state’s largest composting operation plans to shut down soon; Vermont prepares for sugaring season; and commentator Peter Gilbert on the connection between John Adams and the U.S. Postal Service.