Middlebury Evaluates Plan To Rebuild Municipal Building

Officials in Middlebury are debating whether to rebuild or replace the town’s 100-year-old municipal building and gymnasium. Preliminary estimates for the proposed 16,000 to 19,000-square-foot municipal offices range from $6 million to $10 million.

Rutland Lifts Boil-water Order

Rutland residents got good news Monday morning about their drinking water. A major water main burst on Saturday, forcing the city to require that all water be boiled.

Middlebury Sees Backlash After River Rechanneling

Many cities and towns ordered heavy machinery into rivers after the floods to shore up banks and reroute streams. That’s what Middlebury did, even though the town was relatively unscathed. Residents and state officials now worry that rechanneling the Middlebury River might exacerbate future flooding.

Towns Look To Build Better Roads

The challenge in Vermont to re-build roads and bridges left crippled by Tropical Storm Irene will come at a cost. How much isn’t known yet, but complicating the bottom line is the desire to rebuild roads to be better than they were before to make sure future storms don’t wreak as much havoc as Irene did.